Hello, I'm Manoelly.

 In this space, I intend to go beyond mere self-presentation, focusing on the true purpose of this place. It's not just about me and the events that brought me here, but about the purpose that drives this initiative.

Recently, a remarkable experience on the highway moved me deeply. I came across a duck, still alive but clearly injured, dragging an injured paw in the middle of the busy road. His distress was palpable, his actions desperate, as if he was crying out for help, on the verge of being run over at any moment. I felt a strong need to intervene, but faced with the dangerous situation, I found myself paralyzed by uncertainty and fear. I didn't know what to do, I wanted to go back, I wanted to cry.

Sorry duck, I didn't come back.

Despite being aware that it was not prudent in this case to stop the car and intervene, I felt useless, a terrible human being, incapable.

This event illustrates the motivation behind this space. Since I was a child, my concern for stray animals led me to take them home, trying to protect them from the dangers of the world. Although I am far from being a root activist for the cause, I try to contribute in my own way. Monthly donations and the decision not to consume meat were the least I could do, but it was my maximum. Feeling insufficient, I closed my eyes to relieve the anguish and self-blame. But this episode with the duck motivated me to want to act again.

So, I chose to start this project to employ my creative skills as a way to contribute even more. Since, in addition to taking in abandoned animals, I always had fun drawing, painting and creating. This way, I can combine the useful with the pleasant, doing what I like and contributing even more with donations to NGOs that care for and rescue animals in vulnerable situations and carry out the practical work that I cannot do.

The proposal is to allocate a portion of the profits generated from product sales to animal protection and rescue institutions around the world. This amount will depend on the amount raised monthly, also taking into account my personal expenses.

It would be a dream to see, in the future, the reality of animals being transformed through this project. For now, it's just the first step of many.


Creative expression:


I have a degree in architecture and interior design and not in fine arts or graphic design. My creations are unpretentious, intuitive, full of colors, attempts and fantasy. I try a little bit of everything and I'm still in the process of perfecting my form of expression. And for now, that's all.



Manoelly Possidonio